Travel Tips: Easy Snacking

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A lot of us are heading off to warmer climates and interesting places so I thought it would be a great time to talk about travel snacking and how to make snacking while travelling more organized and easier for you and your families.  These tips are great whether you’re travelling via plane, train or automobile.
I have two young boys, so I like to also practice “snacking with dignity” which means packing snacks that are appealing to both adults and children.  This helps the process because you don’t have to pack twice as much and no more embarrassing moments of eating animal-shaped cookies while quietly hoping no one is watching.  Also, I try to choose healthy snacks that I can feel good about feeding my family.
I recently presented these packing tips on Rogers TV DayTime York Region – Here is the clip:

Travel Tips: Easy Snacking

  1. Everything should be packed in one designated bag that is easy to access.  I like to use a reusable shopping tote.  These are fantastic because they are usually lined so they are protected in case there is a leak.  They are also structured so they stand up straight and are easy to pack.  I usually use my travel snack bag once I arrive at my destination too, as a beach bag.  Also, a little reminder because I don’t think enough people know this, you are allowed to bring food for consumption on a plane as long as you consume it before you land at your destination or claim it upon arrival.  If you have small children, they are pretty lenient with snack possession after landing.Travel Snack Tips
  2. Make clean up easy.  Have a designated garbage bag and tuck it onto your snack carrier bag.  Bring a few plastic bags with you so you can collect any garbage and dispose of it quickly and easily.  Also, baby wipes (they’re not only for babies) – they come in nice packages and they are really great for cleaning up just about anything.
  3. Use refillable beverage bottles.  These are handy because before you go through the security line at the airport, for example, you can dump the water and then refill it once you’ve made it through the security check.  Again, you can also use these throughout your trip so they are handy to have with you.
  4. Pack snacks that come in resealable bags.  This makes snacking easier because you can reseal it when you’re done snacking and you don’t have to mess or fumble with packaging.  Some examples of snacks that are available in a resealable bags are chickpea trail mix, nuts and kale chips.
  5. Pack individually packaged snacks.  These are handy because everyone can have their portion and then when it’s done, you get to free up some space in your snack carrier bag.  Some examples of pre-portioned snacks are popcorn and granola bars.Travel Snack Tips
  6. Make and pack your own Individual snack packages.  This way, you can customize them to your snack of choice and your portion preference.  I packed nacho chips, organic sour candy and my favourite cereal.
  7. Pack snacks to help with motion sickness.  It happens to a lot of us — for me the car gets me every time.  Be sure to pack dry and salted crackers and even some ginger candy, just in case one of your family members experiences any nausea as a result of motion sickness.Travel Snack Tips
  8. Packing items that need to stay cold.  I use ice packs and large re-sealable plastic bags.  Pack yogurt, containers of fruit or individual packs of hummus in these cold bags.  A lot of destinations provide a refrigerator with a small freezer that are free for use by travellers.  Re-freeze your ice packs and use them throughout your trip or for your trip home.Travel Snack Tips

Happy and safe travels!
With Love,

Travel Snack Tips
*All of these great snacks were provided by Nature’s Emporium – they just opened their third location in Burlington in addition to their existing locations in Newmarket and Vaughan.



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