Pro Tips: Working From Home /w Kids

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In light of the recent video that surfaced today showing a BBC News interview of a Professor giving his very important political opinion on North Korea while his kids barge in on him – it’s a good time to learn from his mistakes and thank our lucky stars that it didn’t happen to us.
ICYMI:  Here’s the clip

Even a rookie can pick up on the first critical error that this poor man has made – an unlocked door.
Tip 1:  Make sure your office/studio/wherever you work that people will see you, has a door that locks.
Now, I’m a young mother but I’m not naive enough to believe that this would have solved all of this guy’s problems (cue child screaming and yelling on the other side of that door – That’s what my kids would do if I ever locked the door.)
Tip 2: Don’t even bother going into an on-air interview or radio call unless you know your kids are being watched – like hawks watch their young.  I’ve fallen victim to this before.  I thought I could put on a cartoon and pray that neither of my boys gets up and starts looking for me.  The chances of this actually working are slim to freakin’ zero (in my house anyway!)
I’ve been working from home for three years now and I’ve always had kids around so, I can call myself an expert on this subject.
Tip 3:  Know the exact location of the MUTE button and have a plan to black out your camera to look like “technical difficulties” to be used at a time of danger (or when your child decides to throw a tantrum or worse, when your child walks in and starts playing with their toys at the exact moment you’re in a deep political conversation about South Korea).
(Had this man prepared as a woman might have been, this wouldn’t have happened and this video would not have gone viral.  Rookie move, dude, rookie move.)
Tip 4:  Relax – if something goes wrong even after you’ve taken the utmost care and precaution, the viewer will surely forgive you because anyone who works from home, with kids, knows this — THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
Seriously though, I think I will write a more serious post about working from home soon — stay tuned!
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