My Favourite DIY Foodie Gifts

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Christmas is one month away!  Sorry to those of you who are stressed-out about the craziness that is the holiday season.  If you are one of those people I hope I can make your life a little bit easier by giving you some simple DIY gifts for the foodie on your list!

Christmas should be a time for spending time with family and friends and, of course, a time to eat delicious holiday fare!  With that in mind, here are my favourite DIY gifts for the foodie on your list:

Pizza making Kit:


IMG 7059 640x960 DIY My Favourite DIY Foodie Gifts
Include an easy pizza dough recipe, a rolling pin, a pizza cutter, a jar of pizza sauce and even a non-perishable topping like a jar of olives or peppers.
Cupcake Making Kit:

Cupcake Baking Kit
Take a vintage lunchbox or a super cute container for easy storage and pack it full of cute baking cups, lots of varieties of sprinkles, some of your favourite cupcake recipes, a frosting spatula and a piping bag with a classic star tip for creating the most show-stopping cupcakes!
Ice Cream Sundae Kit:


Ice Cream Sundae Kit
Include waffle cones, waffle bowls, jars of caramel and chocolate sauce, tiny bags of chocolate chips, nuts, and loads of sprinkles.
Martini Kit:
Martini Kit
This kit is perfect for the entertainer on your list. Pack a wooden wine box with vodka, a martini shaker, a jar of olives and even a lemon!

Barbecue Seasonings:
Set of Homemade Seasonings

Try our recipes for spice blends here. A homemade spice blend is sure to taste fresher than a store bought. Also, these are a convenient gift that anyone could use when they are looking for a dinner idea! Grill up some spiced chicken and make a salad – dinner in minutes!

Homemade Vanilla Extract:
Homemade Vanilla Extract
Now this is interesting! For the baker on your list how special would they feel if you made them some homemade vanilla extract? “Simply slit two vanilla beans down the middle, drop them into 375ml of vodka (I used the red Smirnoff) and within a few weeks you will have infused pure vanilla extract that someone can use in all sorts of recipes.” From 100 Days of Real Food.
Breakfast for Two:
The Adorable Breakfast Kit
This is cute for the newlyweds on your list (I only say that because people with kids don’t ever get a nice relaxing breakfast for two anymore! This kit includes a mini cast-iron skillet filled with cornbread, some homemade jam, and honey butter.
Grillers Kit:
A Grilling Kit
This is great for the grill lover on your list. Include a bottle of homemade barbecue sauce, a container of homemade spice rub (recipe here), some skewers and a brush. I would wrap all of this up on a beautiful cutting board.
Compound Butters:
Compound Butters
Compound butters are great because just about anything tastes great with butter! And who doesn’t like butter? Get the recipes for all five flavors of compound butter here.
Children’s Cooking Kit:
diy kids apron dish towel
A lot of children have been in the kitchen these days so this gift is perfect for them. Check out this DIY no sew kids apron made with a single dish cloth on the Say Yes Blog. I can’t sew to save my life so this is perfect! Include a whisk, mixing bowls, a spatula and even a rolling pin so the child foodie on your list can get cooking!

I hope I have made your life a little bit easier this holiday season.  I think any foodie would LOVE to receive any of these gifts!  Ikea would be my number one place to source bottles and jars for your DIY gifts.  For baskets and boxes to package your gifts, check out Home Sense as they have a vast selection.

Happy Holidays!

With Love,
Daily Tiramisu

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