March Break: Ideas For Parents

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A lot of parents get really anxious around March Break, and for good reason.  It is the biggest oxy-moron of parenting – do not be fooled – it is not a break at all.  The kids are out of school, and they are looking to be entertained for 5 straight days, all-day long.  I’m a mother who works from home, with a preschooler, so this is my life most of the time.  However, knowing I’ll be doubling my load next week when the school-ager is home makes me a bit nervous.  March break is a few days away so I cut out the frantic googling exercise you probably were about to embark on and I put a list of ideas together that are great for families with school-aged kids.

Fun at Home

Plan a movie night

I know, earth-shattering idea, right? Honestly, I needed to make this list for myself anyway because every time we watch a movie I can never think of any.

It’s March break which means kids can afford to go to sleep a little later too – pop some fresh popcorn and stock up on treats, dim the lights, set up some pillows, put your jammies on and off you go.

Here are some classic movies your family might enjoy together:

Mrs. Doubtfire

Home Alone

Free Willy

Uncle Buck

The Mighty Ducks (1, 2 and 3)

Beauty and The Best

Toy Story

The Lion King


The Sound of Music

The Parent Trap

The Wizard of Oz



Jumanji (This one freaks me out)

Men in Black


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (this one freaked my son out)


The Incredibles

A League of Their Own


Plan a Games Night

Kids are super competitive so it could be a lot of fun to see how you measure up against them – they’re smarter than you think!  My son and I are the biggest sore losers, so we often end up arguing and really upset at each other if one of us loses.

Here are some great games you can play at home with your kids:

Watch Ya Mouth




Chutes and Ladders

The Game of Life

Scrabble (Classic)

Scrabble Twist Game

Bounce Off

Spot it! (This one is our fave!  It’s seriously so tricky sometimes!  Also, a great one to travel with!)

Pie Face

Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots

Simon Swipe Game


For the Crafty Cat

Photo from

I absolutely love 4 Cats Art Studios.  The reason I love it is because the format of the class is to teach the kids an actual skill and then they create something that is more often than not a beautiful piece of art that your kids can be proud of and that you can actually display in your home (I’m a bit of an art snob.)

The one in my city, Vaughan, is holding a multi-day Jurassic Camp – your kids will come home with a dinasaur planter, and multiple paintings all surrounded around dino-art.  Details available HERE.

They have locations all over Canada. Check out a class near you HERE.

For the Young Chef


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been noticing that kids are super lazy these days.  Parents are working so much in this day and age that they could really use some help around the house – It’s one of the main reasons I started The Happy Kitchen with my partner.  Read about our Program and our March break class HERE.  There will be lots of pasta (not fresh pasta, because that isn’t realistic) and salad-making happening!

 I hope to see you there!

Be a Tourist in your own City

bus tour
Photo from

I think the last time I actually went up the CN tower was when I was on March Break in third grade.  I didn’t start exploring all of the tourist sites in my own city until I had my own kids.  Here are some ways you can be a tourist in your own city:

Book a Toronto Bus Tour and have them take you all over the city and tell you all about the great landmarks. It’s great to do it this way because you can sit yourself, enjoy the view and I bet you’ll learn a whole bunch too!  Click HERE for more Info.

Your kids will learn about the city they ACTUALLY live in, or close to.

Here are some other great tourist sites you can visit:

CN Tower

Ripley’s aquarium

Royal Ontario Museum

Art Gallery of Ontario

Casa Loma

For the Comedy-loving Kid (My son is ALL. OVER. THIS.)

Second City Theatre Show Image

The Second City is showing The Big Bad Wolf vs. Lord Underwearface Von Schtinker (judging by the name, I’m already certain my son will love this).

“A hilarious musical romp that takes a new look at a children’s classic. Framed for heinous crimes by the evil von Schtinker, our unlikely hero, Big Bad Wolf, must enlist the help of his fairy tale friends to prove that things aren’t always as they seem.”

Ideal for ages 5-12.

Running time: 60 mins

Buy tickets HERE.

Budget Friendly Ideas

Library Fun

Check your local libraries as they plan tons of great activities for kids like story time, arts and crafts and games.

If you are in Vaughan, here are a list of March break activities available HERE.  Register ASAP as they fill up quick!

Stay active

Check your local community centres for public skating and swimming sessions.  They make more time slots available to the public during March Break.

March Break City Camp

The City of Vaughan is holding March Break Camps for all ages – here are the DETAILS.

Let them go Buck-wild

Indoor play places are often busier during March Break so be sure to arrive as soon as they open and pack snacks, drinks and lunch too! (and lots of hand-sanitizer…)

Here are a list of some great play places that I’ve been to:




Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now – I’m already pooped just thinking about it!

Good luck and Godspeed!

With Love,


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