*pictures taken by David Miguel

Step 1:  With the breast side facing upward, pull each leg away from the chicken’s body.  Slice through the skin that is between the breast and the drumstick.

Step 2:  Bend each leg back so that the thighbone pops out of its socket.  Cut through the joint to detach the leg completely.

Step 3: Pull each wing away from the chicken’s body.  Cut through the joint and remove the wing.

Step 4: Cut downward through the rib cage and then shoulder joints to separate the breasts from the back.

Step 5: Place the skin side down.  Split the center breast bone with a chopping motion, then slice through the meat and skin to seperate them into two pieces.

Step 6:  You should end up with 6 parts.


*Use a separate cutting board for meat to help prevent cross-contamination.
*Use a sharp chef’s knife to make cutting easier.
*Save the back bones and meat for a stock.

My Chicken Stock Recipe can be found HERE.

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