Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

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I’m usually in a mad scramble around Father’s Day but this year I was surprisingly prepared.  I think that saying is true that you get the most done when you are the most busy because this June has been one of the craziest to date for me and I managed to make and prepare multiple gifts for my hubby this year in honour of Father’s Day.

Here are some last minute and budget-friendly ideas you can whip together before Sunday – and you can also get the kids to help with most of them!

IMG 6138 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

IMG 6142 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

1. Daddy’s “Stache” Jar:  My husband has a bit of a sweet tooth and I try to avoid buying sweets so this idea is perfect for him.  I used primer, chalkboard paint and some painter’s tape to paint a jar that I found at Ikea for under $10.  I am going to fill it with my husband’s favourite mini chocolate bars so he can have it the next time he wants a treat.  (For this picture all I had were some wafer cookies).  The good thing about this idea is after he is finished his treats you can re-use the jar for just about anything like nails, screws or any other random garage stuff he might need to organize.  

IMG 6146 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

2. “For my Papa Bird” bird house: This was a little project that my son did at his daycare.  I can’t take credit for this one – it was all his teacher’s idea.  You can find a plain wood bird feeder at Michael’s or even the dollar store.  I think the caption on it is absolutely adorable and the personal touch of my son’s painting skills makes this an easy and heart-felt gift.

IMG 6147 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

3. Personalized Hammers:  This is a great idea if you have a boy who likes to get involved in the house renovations.  I went to Canadian Tire and bought 2 hammers with wooden handles for $10.  I used primer to prime the handles and I had my son help with the paint.  Now when my husband is doing projects around the house, my son can pretend to help with his little 8 oz hammer.

IMG 6148 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

4. A Picture with a Poem: Every year I do an updated picture for my husband that he can display on his desk at work.  I found this one online and thought it was adorable.  My son actually cooperated when I took the picture and I used a simple photo editor to add the poem.  The frame is from Ikea and is under $10.  Now my husband can have a constant reminder of how much his son adores him.

IMG 6151 DIY Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas!

5. “Dad Since…” T-Shirt: I found this one online as well.  I love this shirt because it’s not super cheesy like your typical “#1 Dad” t-shirts.  I went to H&M and bought a t-shirt for under $10.  I found the image online and put it on a USB key.  I then trekked it over to Vaughan Mills mall where there is a stand that presses t-shirts on-the-spot with whichever design you please for $20.  My son had a great time watching the man make the t-shirt and he is even more excited to give it to his Dad and have him wear it on Father’s Day.

These are just a few last minute ideas I thought I would share with you all!  We decided to do a picnic in a local park for Father’s Day with my brother’s and Dad as well – since the weather is going to be so nice!

I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!

With Love,
Daily Tiramisu

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