I’m Thankful For My Turkey Pants

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I was going to share some more Thanksgiving recipes but instead I decided to share what I’m thankful for.  Besides, I know Thanksgiving is a big “foodie” holiday but the only thing that excites me about it are the desserts.  (It doesn’t take much to show up a turkey, though).
Anyway, I am guilty of this so I thought we should talk about it.  Whenever a conversation comes up of a very successful instagrammer, vlogger, blogger, or basically anyone who has had success, the conversation quickly turns to “well, they don’t have kids, a spouse, a mortgage…”  I don’t partake and I stay away from this type of negativity.  At the end of the day, everyone is a victim to their own circumstances but it’s what you do about it that makes you notable.  I’m not patting myself on the back here either.  There are days (and days) where I wallow in self-pity about how I should have just went to Chef school right out of high school and followed my passion but really what is looking back going to do for me anyway?  NOTHING.  It’s simple!  Hindsight is always 20/20!  Moving on!
I always get this – “well, you were on National television so that probably helped you in a big way”.  Excuse me while I laugh my ASS off.  I’m not even going to go there on how far that statement is to the truth.  Hard work, commitment and taking initiative are what got me here.  My journey is only beginning …barely began! I don’t make excuses for my circumstances, I do as much as I possibly can and I accept that.
Let’s get to the “Thanksgiving” part of the post:
I am thankful for all of my failures and regrets because without them I wouldn’t know the joy in victory or the pain in loss.
I am thankful for my feelings of stress because without them I wouldn’t know what hard work and accomplishment feel like.
I am thankful for being over 30 and finally doing what I love because I would have likely been too young and naïve to really appreciate all of this and just to add another cliche into the mix, it’s better late than never.
I am thankful for the friends and enemies I have made because each and every person came in to my life for a reason and for a lesson.  I have learned so much.
I am thankful for everyone who reads my late night write ups.  I promise they are honest and written with a huge amount of emotion.
And lastly, but definitely not least, I am thankful for my husband, kids, family, health and my mortgage because without them everything else would be bullshit and we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads.
If you are someone who constantly looks at what everyone else is doing, compares their successes to yours or wallows in your own self-pity, remember that comparison is the thief of joy.  Don’t rob yourself of joy!  And, remember one thing:  They are not you and you are not them so nothing else really matters does it?!  (Apologies for all of the cliches!)
Accept your circumstances – I’m not saying accept them and do nothing – embrace them, embrace your life, love your life and be thankful.  Wear your turkey pants proudly!  (So what if you like to eat an entire turkey on Thanksgiving?  I’m not judging you!  I’m not a fan of turkey but I can clean up an entire bowl of stuffing, no problem!)
Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  Please send me any leftovers!

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