I have decided that Mother’s Day should be more than just one measly day.  If grilled cheese gets an entire month of recognition, then I think Mom’s should at least get a week!
I want to make the most of this week so I am doing things that I want to do, regardless of their priority on my to-do lists.  Here’s my list (another list):

  • Spend more time with friends who make me happy
  • Spend more time with the little men that call me “mommy”
  • Get a massage
  • Do lots of yoga
  • Catch up on archiving all of my family photos and making digital photo albums
  • Make easy meals
  • organize and condense my to-do lists
  • stay off of social media, ie. don’t waste so much time on it
  • learn how to use a drill
  • hang curtains that have been sitting around for weeks
  • install shelves that have been sitting around for weeks
  • Start DIY kitchen roman blind project (my material has been sitting around for weeks)

This seems like a lot, I know, but some of these things I have been pushing off for months.  Happiness is productivity and a happy woman makes a happy mommy!  Happy Mother’s week!
Here are some dishes that your kids and loved ones can try out for themselves this week:

Here are other great Menus you can try – and also browse through our archives!
Have a great week everyone!!
Warm Regards,