Jules’ Self-Care Gift Guide

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Fill Up Your Cup!

Real talk, it’s really hard shopping for anyone else when you never shop for yourself.  The fulfillment in giving will not surface unless you have given to yourself first.  As the saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.  You must fill your cup first”.  Capish? Okay, it’s hard, I get it!  I struggle with this one all the time. Recently I’ve been shopping online for Christmas gifts and I can’t help but see things that I really want.  I don’t see any reason to deny myself of anything I want, within reason, of course.  I work hard and I am more than happy to reward myself as well as fill up my cup a little more in the process. 

Here are some of my favourite things that have been filling up my cup lately:

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The Splurge – Jennifer Fisher Classic Hoops
  • Lole Active wear  – I’ve been loving all of my Lole active wear.  I hit the gym a lot and no matter how many times I feel like I may split my pants during an intense squat sesh, Lola tights are strong and resilient (just like the women they were made for 😉  They don’t lose their shape either, so wear and wash them as much as you want!  No saggy butt!
  • Breville Fresh & Furious Blender – I’m enjoying my smoothie mornings and incredibly happy to have found a blender that is strong and reliable without the huge price tag.  The Breville Fast & Furious Blender has all of the features and capabilities of a very high priced blender.  Trust me, save the money and grab one of these for yourself to get yourself into a healthy routine quicker than if you had to save up for a super expensive blender.
  • Revive Organics Smoothie Subscription – I was introduced to this smoothie subscription service recently and it is brilliant!  Get ready-to-blend premium smoothies sent right to your door step!  All you have to do is add your liquid of choice to the top of the cups, pour into the blender and blend!  Pour the blended smoothie back into the cup, add a straw and enjoy!  It really doesn’t get easier than this!  Use my 50% off code JULES50.
  • Pacifica Perfume  – I haven’t bought perfume in almost 10 years.  I recently had the idea to mix a few essential oils together and make my own perfume.  Well, that’s tough and essential oils don’t actually smell that great in their natural state.  They need something like alcohol to diffuse the scent.  ANYWAY, too much work so while shopping in my local health store, I found these perfumes.  They are small batch and natural.  The price is great too!  They will run you $24 for a bottle so these scents or their price tag won’t give you a headache! I bought one for most of the women on my list this year!
  • ATMA Moon Butter  – It’s winter and I can’t seem to get enough moisture on to my skin until I discovered ATMA Moon Butters!  I slather the ATMA Vanilla Moon Butter on my skin after a shower and it moisturizes and gives my skin the best glow.  It also makes me crave cake all day long (it smells so good that you may want to try and eat it – not that I’ve tried).
  • Stop Breathe & Think Meditation App – We all need meditation in our life and I was introduced to this app by my therapist.  It’s actually been reviewed by psychologists and the reviews are great.  It has a check-in feature so you check the boxes of how you’re feeling and it tells you the best meditations for your current mood.  I have the kids version of the app as well and my kids actually ask for it at bed time!  They have the cutest bed time stories!  I pay for a monthly subscription so I can take advantage of all the meditations.
  • Smash +Tess Romper – You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Romper living.  Comfy and cute as heck.  I’m going to apologize right now because you will never want to take yours off!  I plan on wearing mine for the entire Christmas break!  Going to the bathroom is tricky but you’ll manage.
  • Butter London Nail Polish – for someone who is constantly cooking and washing their hands – I needed something that keeps my nails decent without colour.  A fellow blogger friend introduced me to this stuff and let me tell you – it’s dreamy!  It will save you from running to your local manicurist as often.
  • Braving the Wilderness By: Brene Brown – If you’ve ever read anything Brene Brown has written, then you know they are just what you need when you need some inspiration and a good kick in the butt.  This is her most recent book that I’m reading.  It’s fabulous and just what I need.  I think it will be exactly what you need too!
  • The Splurge: Jennifer Fisher Classic Hollow Hoops – I mentioned above that I hardly spend money on myself and if I do, it has to be something that is very practical where I can justify the price per wear.  I love my classic gold hoops – they go with everything and make every outfit fun!  They’re pricey but worth every penny.  TRUST.

I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram page and I’ll be giving away the following:

  • Lole Gift Card Valued at $50
  • Breville Fast & Furious Blender valued at $250
  • Two-Week Supply of Revive Organics Smoothies
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Enter my giveaway Here:


Happy Holidays to you and yours and I hope you find some time to fill up your cup during the holidays!

With Love,


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