I am an Ethical Omnivore

Julie Miguel is a digital content producer with a specialization in food media as well as an active food blogger located in Toronto, Canada. The focus of her blog, Daily Tiramisu, is to empower home cooks to be fearless in the kitchen and she does this by taking traditionally difficult recipes and making them easier to execute.

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Before I had children, I can honestly say I didn’t spend much time worrying about where my food came from.  Now that I have two boys, their health and well being is of the up-most importance to me.  With all of the different value systems and beliefs that exist today when it comes to food choices, it can be incredibly overwhelming.   There is a fear of judgment that can take control of our decision making process and make us believe that we have to eat a certain way.

I have never succumbed to judgement of the way myself or my family choose to eat.  There is so much to worry about as a mother of two.  I do my research and I make my own judgements based on my beliefs and values, and I feel good about this, so I never question it.  I am an ethical omnivore, and I am proud to say it.  I eat meat products that have been raised and produced in an ethical and humanely positive way.
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
There are a lot of claims being thrown around in the meat industry today such as all natural, no antibiotics, and humanely raised.  Very few companies, however, back up these claims with third-party verification.  I spent a huge chunk of my career working for the federal government to make sure the public was not misled by false or unverified claims.  This matter is near and dear to me and I intend to continue to educate you about food through my work in food media.  Despite many companies referring to humanely raised practices on their labels, there is no legal obligation for these companies to prove their claim via independent assessment.  So, until this becomes the law, it is up to us to do our research to make sure we are not being misled.
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
There aren’t many brands out there that line-up with my core values when it comes to what I’m feeding my family.  DuBreton (#Ad), however, is the only pork producer in Canada to qualify as Certified Humane distinction on all of its Rustic Farm Pork and Organic Products.  They have even been awarded by Humane Farm Animal Care, the leading North American non-profit organization specializing in animal welfare.  Their cooked and sliced ham is Nitrate-free too, so it’s perfect to use in my kids lunches or as a side to toast and eggs with breakfast.
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
Certified Humane distinction ensures that all products meet or exceed the same precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment, which means:
-Crate free
-No antibiotics
-Fed a nutritious diet with no animal by-products
-Free access to shelter and hay, or straw-bedded resting areas
-Space and ability to engage in natural behaviours
The Certified Humane Raised and Handled standards protect animals from birth to farm life to processing, and dictate both the animal’s diet and living conditions.  The guidelines allow pigs to be pigs and, to date duBreton is the only major pork producer in Canada that meets the rigorous standards.
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
Look for the Certified Humane logo so that you can really be sure because there are a lot of products that may say “humanely raised” on the packaging but that can mean different things to different companies.  Looking for the Certified Humane logo will ensure that you are getting a truly certified humane product, like DuBreton pork products.
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
Vincent Breton, President of duBreton explains why they made the decision to get this certification, “we believed that earning the Certified Humane seal was the right thing to do, and would help consumers make educated, informed decisions at the grocery store.”
So, the next time you are perusing the aisles at your local grocery store, I encourage you to shop Certified Humane by looking for the Verified Humane logo on the label.  If it’s not there, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  DuBreton offers a wide range of pork products, from ribs, roasts, chops, ham and tenderloin to its delicious bacon.  Their products are available at major supermarkets and specialty grocers across Canada, including Whole Foods, Sobeys and Longo’s.  For a full list of duBreton products, or to learn more about DuBreton, visit http://www.dubreton.com/en/ or check out their socials at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dubreton.en/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dubreton/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/duBreton
I am an Ethical Omnivore - Julie Miguel - Toronto Food Blogger - www.dailytiramisu.com
I created a recipe a few months back using DuBreton bacon – you can check it out HERE (BLT Panzanella Lettuce Cups).
With Love,
*This post was developed in partnership with DuBreton and I was compensated however, and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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