The Anatomy of a Cheese Board (Spain) + Video

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Love is complicated…a Cheese Board doesn’t have to be!  In my next video, I take you to Spain and give you guys the basic anatomy of a cheeseboard:


Cheese boards have a very simple anatomy

Cheeses, meats, accompaniments and vessels.
I enlisted the help of Afrim Pristine of the Cheese Boutique in Toronto.  Afrim gave me some great tips as well as some awesome wine/cocktail pairings (you can hear all about those at the end of the video).


(Mild Firm cheese) Manchego Cheese:
-A mild Spanish sheep’s milk cheese produced in the land of La Mancha.
(Soft Spanish Cheese) Monte Enebro (THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE!):
-The creator, Senor Baez, is considered a Spanish cheese hero and this cheese is considered one of the nation’s premier food artifacts.  Produced west of Madrid, this goat’s milk cheese is semi-soft, smooth with a creamy paste that yields tangy lingering and complex goaty flavours.
(Spanish Blue Cheese) Valdeon Cheese:
-Spanish blue cheese made with a mix of cow and goat’s milk.  A bold and salty cheese.


-Serrano Ham


-Spanish Olives
-Marcona Almonds
-Quince Preserve for the Blue Cheese
-Grapes (water-based fruit)


-Simple Fresh baguette, sliced
IMG 6045 1 charcuterie The Anatomy of a Cheese Board (Spain) + Video
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
With Love,

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The Anatomy of a Cheese Board (Spain) Shopping List


  • Cheeses:
  • (Mild Firm cheese) Manchego Cheese
  • (Soft Spanish Cheese) Monte Enebro (THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE!)
  • (Spanish Blue Cheese) Valdeon Cheese
  • Serrano Ham
  • Chorizo
  • Spanish Olives
  • Marcona Almonds
  • Quince Preserve for the Blue Cheese
  • Grapes (water-based fruit)
  • Simple Fresh baguette, sliced



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