A Quick Spring Fashion Fix

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It’s finally Spring!  Sort of…If you’re living in Toronto, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the weather but, new spring styles are trickling into all the clothing shops.
Last Spring I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of Smithery’s inaugural Stylesmiths.  It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much about shopping for my wardrobe, like how to dress for my shape.  I’m a V – I’m a compact V Shape (shoulders are slightly broader than my hips), The girls suggested that I stick to pieces that draw the eye to the bottom half of my body, simple (v-neck) tops, vertical stripes and clean lines. It’s easy to walk into a store and be swayed by something you see on a mannequin or by something you see on someone who has a completely different body type than you , but you absolutely love it so you buy it anyway.  I hardly have hips but I love a curvy shape – I certainly don’t suit clothes for curvier shapes.  I actually look ridiculous – like a child in her mother’s clothes.   To find out how to dress for your shape – here’s their guide.
IMG 7975 1 #OOTD A Quick Spring Fashion Fix
Somewhere between summer, and this long winter we’ve had, my style sense kind of dropped off.  Maybe it’s like a language, if you don’t use it, you lose it?  Anyway, I called the girls at Smithery to help me get my Spring style into shape (no pun intended).  She did one better, she brought in Suzanne Colmer of Your Shop Girl – an image consultant – to join in the fun.  Two opinions are always better than one!
I needed a few outfits that were upscale casual, for events, going out with friends and a few outfits I could wear on TV.  I also needed to replace my home uniform with a few new super casual pieces.
Here is what I took away from the session:
Make pinterest work for you:  Suzanne taught me the proper way to use Pinterest.  I was pinning everything I liked but her tips were to create boards that are very specific to what kind of outfit I needed (i.e. Media outfits) and make sure they incorporate pieces that I already have.  For example, if you have beige suede booties, type that in as a key word and see what comes up.  Here is a link to my upscale casual (my most used) board.  I’m just starting to populate my other style boards.

I’ve been taking my laptop to bed and spending some time on Pinterest instead of working on deadlines – it’s something I needed to do for myself.  Do you know that feeling you have when you have an outfit picked out for an event?  I feel that way a lot more now.  Preparing ahead of time takes off loads of stress.  Now, I can focus on my work instead of what I’m going to wear, all the time.  It may seem superficial but feeling good in the clothes you’re in changes your attitude and confidence more than you would ever think.
Treat your wardrobe like you would a recipe (well, that’s easy!):  When I was younger, and before Pinterest existed, I used to cut out pictures from fashion magazines and I would bring them to the mall with me (my shopping list).  It’s the same thing you would do with a dish you wanted to cook – you would bring a grocery list with you to pick up all of the components of that dish.  Luckily, in the new age of smartphones, I have my Pinterest app handy when I am shopping for components for outfits.  Having a visual makes things so much easier and keeps you focused – and more efficient with your time.
Read about my outfit formulas (you’ll want to know about – one and done – outfits!) as well as what I bought At the Smithery website: “Behind the Seams with Julie Miguel”.
clothes roundup #OOTD A Quick Spring Fashion Fix
I didn’t buy that many pieces but what I did buy are very versatile and interchangeable – I can change the accessories or the shoes and have a completely different outfit.
If you need more tips on dressing for your shape – check out their website – or set up a visit to their shop.
Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!
With Love,

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